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How We Work


"I feel myself changing in ways that I didn't expect. In a very gentle way, I am discovering so much about myself, my soul, my intuition. My confidence is growing. I feel my foundation becoming more firm. My connection with nature, the universe is tighter. I'm learning techniques that open up my communication with the world around me in a way that is natural, comforting, genuine. I see myself growing and getting to know and understand who I am. I am beyond grateful for this program!

I am surprised at how much I am changing and it seems effortless, gentle, kind, compassionate and yet overwhelmingly profound."

ReWild ReNew 9 Month Coaching Program Participant

The 5 Points of Healing

In contrast to what you may have experienced, healing the soul is not about doing. It is a gentle process of non-doing, allowing, trusting, finding your voice, getting back to the self. Compassion is what transforms us. We are not selling an ancient secret, we are here to show you how powerful you really are!

We know there are lots of options out there in the world of spiritual and emotional healing, so we are outlining the defining points of the work we do:

  1. Medical Medium information is at the core of EVERY single thing that we do. We have been using this information for years in our own lives and in our practice. We incorporate this because it is powerful truth.  
  2. We only work with light. What that means is that there is complete safety for you in this work. Your safety is always the priority. We hold a hard ethical line in the sand for ourselves in providing a safe space for people to work through difficult emotions and experiences. Many of our clients feel a great sense of relief where they have previously had bad experiences in the past, but they come to realize that we only work with light and that they can do that too.  
  3. We empower people to be their own healers. A lot of what we do is about teaching you the skills so that you eventually don’t need us, or anybody else, to help you through the emotional hardships that life brings. The world is never going to stop being hard in some way, so the goal is to know that you can feel confident to handle, with grace and ease, whatever comes your way.  
  4. You do not need to relive trauma or tear down walls in order to release it. It is very important for us that you know this because that kind of work can be retraumatizing and unnecessary. You don’t deserve many of the things that may have happened to you, but you can turn anything that happens to you into empowerment and Soul’s Gold.  A healthy body, combined with compassion and truth will provide the healing you seek.  We do not advise people on their physical health, however this is often what brings people to us, because the journeys are one and the same. The soul resides in the body, therefore the body and soul must be healed together.  
  5. It's not about doing more, it’s about learning the power of non-doing. Your healing is not about being more, doing more or attaining more outside of you. We call ourselves ReWild ReNew, because we know that your healing process is about coming back to who you are and seeing who you have been all along. It's about letting go of the layers that life puts upon you and recognizing the old belief systems and programming that you have held onto. When you do this, you will see that you are more powerful than you realize. 

We are here to support you in recognizing that you have held the answers within you all along, you only need to hear it, trust it, and find the wherewithal to act upon it. This is important because only you hold the answers for yourself.
Discovering the answer yourself is what makes it powerful.

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