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"After starting to heal my physical symptoms from chronic disease through changes in my diet and lifestyle using Medical Medium, I found that I was ready to heal emotionally and grow spirituality. I wanted to gain confidence in myself and the ability to harness discernment in my everyday life. I also felt, in a deep sense, that I needed to make large changes in my life, related to my career and personal relationships, but I didn't know how to navigate that process and was afraid.

After the first 6 months in this program, I can confidently say that I've dramatically changed, already, in ways that have benefited my personal and professional relationships, with a stronger ability to handle the hectic parts of life. This program has helped me manage my anxiety, bouts of depression, and stress -- the emotional side of my healing journey. I've learned to let go of the need to control everything happening in my life and to instead have trust. I've stopped overextending myself, to please and care for others beyond what was reasonable, something that had been draining a lot of my time and energy. I feel like I'm finally learning who I am, and have the confidence to speak up for myself and what I want."

ReWild ReNew 9 Month Coaching Program Participant

Your healing journey is entirely unique.

Everyone is in a different place on their journey. We have created various programs for you to find the right level of support wherever you are in your journey and to take you on to the next level of your healing. 

We have some people who take part in more than one of our programs at a time, and people who enjoy being a part of one of them for now. Whatever you feel you need for your emotional and spiritual healing, we want you to know there is a place for you and we would love for you to join us.

Step 1: Connect

Connection with others is a basic human need that can feel challenging. We want to provide opportunities to feel support in your life and healing journeys as much as we can so we have several easy ways to connect with us and others who are on a healing journey.

In Step 1 there are several ways for everyone to connect, engage and get to know us.

Join us on our Instagram Lives, watch replays on our Rumble channel - ReWildReNew and tune into our new Podcast.


We write about our own healing and life journeys on Instagram as well as doing  live chats every couple of weeks to share some compassion and insights. We welcome you to Join us on our Instagram Lives, read our stories and engage in the comments. 

Join us on our Instagram Lives


Our past IG lives are all available on our Rumble channel - ReWildReNew. People tell us that they watch them over and over to find comfort and inspiration. It is a great way to get to know us a little to see if any of the next steps seem like a good choice for you. 

Watch past recordings on Rumble


We dive deep into matters of the soul, all aspects of life, the healing journey and how to reconnect with who you are. Raw, straight-talking, unedited conversation between two shamans who want you to reclaim your own understanding of how your soul works.

Available on our website, Apple Podcasts & Spotify

Step 2: Discover

Self discovery is an integral part of healing and intentional living.

We have created a ReWild ReNew Workshop series. We will offer different workshops a couple times a year. These programs use our unique methodology to reignite your intuition and get to know yourself better. If you are considering our 9 month coaching program, these workshops are a great place to get a taste of what we do, how we work and how it will serve you in your life.

ReWild ReNew Workshop

Design Your Life

You get to write the story of your life no matter what comes your way. Knowing who you are, and are not, is how it starts.

Next date to be announced

The Metaphysical & Physical Aspects of Healing

Exploring where the brain, consciousness, the subconscious and the soul meet.

Next date to be announced

10 Day Soul Healing

Next date to be announced

Step 3: Coaching

ReWild ReNew is a 9 month coaching program with a limited number of participants that starts each September. There is an interview process to make sure everyone who joins is a good fit and ready. This is an important part of making sure that a safe space is created. That safe space is a critical part of anyone being able to transform beyond fears and blossom into who they really are.

ReWild ReNew

A Powerful You

A 9 month coaching program for healing in wholeness

Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit

Learn more

Step 4: Community

The ReWild ReNew Community provides ongoing community and support for those who have been through our 9 month coaching program

ReWild ReNew

Graduate Community

By invitation

Step 5: Mentoring

If you’ve completed our ReWild ReNew Coaching program and still want to learn more, we have the ReWild ReNew Mentoring program.

ReWild ReNew

Mentorship Program 

For those who have been through our 9 month coaching program and want to go deeper.

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